Pendleton County: Franklin/Seneca Rocks

Pendleton County may be a fairly quiet place, but the courthouse in Franklin sees a good amount of business every day. Legal matters such as DUI or some other criminal offense can happen at almost any time, so it is good to have William T. Nestor as your local lawyer!

Our attorneys can help you prepare for your appearance in court, and will work with you to protect your rights. We know the courthouse very well, and are experienced with the local courts in Franklin and can represent you.

Also, if you ever have an accident or a work-related injury and you live in and around Seneca Falls, Sugar Grove, or the surrounding area, keep us in mind. Our office does personal injury matters in Pendleton County—we can review your case to see if you may be compensated. Reach us at (304) 636-1001 for a consultation today!