When a person dies from the result of car collision or truck collision people want answers and compensation for their irreversible loss.

At The Nestor Law Office we are committed to finding the answers about how your loved one's life was taken from the result of a car or truck crash. We understand that money will not replace your loss and often times people just need closure. The closure that a person usually seeks often times comes from details about the loved one or family member's death that cannot be found without the assistance of a lawyer. Was an autopsy performed? Was the driver of the other vehicle intoxicated? Was the truck that killed your family member overloaded? Was the truck operating in compliance with the applicable Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. The Nestor Law Office offers free consultations in personal injury matters, including deaths that relate to auto and truck collisions. Their have been times when we have been able to find the answers to questions that law enforcement, hospitals, and other investigators have been unable to produce for whatever reason. Even if we cannot recover money damages for your loss we have been able to provide answers that will assist those in need. At The Nestor Law Office we believe that practicing law is a privilege and a public service. If you want answers we can try to help you find them without cost. Contact us with your concerns, at no financial risk to you at 304-636-1001.