What is insurance bad faith?

You consistently paid your premiums on time and steadfastly abided by the terms and conditions of your policy. You thought you were a valued client, but now that you've submitted a claim for damages, things with your insurance company have changed. 

Suddenly, the adjuster is throwing up roadblocks at every turn: refusing to conduct a proper investigation, dragging out your claim, and engaging in other shady tactics. Sound familiar? You may have grounds for an insurance bad faith lawsuit.

Understanding insurance bad faith claims in West VirginiaState and federal laws require insurance companies to act in good faith—and those that don't can find themselves at the center of an insurance bad faith legal action. Common examples of bad faith insurance practices include:

  • Unreasonable and unnecessary claim delays
  • Refusing to thoroughly and properly investigate a covered claim
  • Stalling in the hopes that the policyholder will drop the claim 
  • Lying about—or deliberately misinterpreting—the insurance policy 
  • Offering less than the value of the claim 
  • Failing to disclose coverage 
  • Failing to notify the policyholder of an important deadline 
  • Withholding important forms or information
  • Denying a valid claim without a reasonable basis

Proving an Insurance Bad Faith Claim

Think you have an actionable insurance bad faith claim? Here's what you'll need to prove:

  • Your insurance claim was valid and complied with the terms of your policy contract
  • The insurance company unreasonably withheld benefits
  • You suffered physical harm, financial damages, or emotional distress because of the insurance company's unfair actions

If your case meets these standards, you may be entitled to compensation.

Let Us Handle Your Insurance Bad Faith Case 

At the Nestor Law Firm, we've seen bad faith insurance practices up close and personal, including an instance where an insurer refused to pay to restore a couple's house after a fire and left them without a home or the funds to get back on their feet. We're committed to helping clients stand up and fight back against unfair treatment from their insurance company. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation.